HeliCam Aerial Imaging was founded by Chris and Tracy, who have a strong passion for Aviation, Aerial Photography & Aerial Cinematography.

Chris is a model aircraft expert of 30 years' experience.

HeliCam Aerial Imaging is a new and innovative, fully licenced and insured Aerial Photography business based in Perth, Western Australia. We service the entire country with our many contacts throughout this great wide land.

Highly motivated and customer focused, we specialize in all aspects of Aerial Photography, Aerial Cinematography, Aerial Inspections, Aerial Surveying, as well as video production and stills imagery.

HeliCam Aerial Imaging uses the latest technology and most innovative products to provide you with the most stunning images and vision imaginable. Using our highly stabilized aircraft, camera gimbals, alongside the very best Japanese made cameras featuring internal stabilization, we can deliver a level of cinematic reality second to none. 
HeliCam`s highly stabilized platforms are tried and tested, reliable and deliver first class results every time.

Our highly motivated and very professional staff, deliver a high level of customer service, with satisfaction guaranteed.  If you are not happy with our work, we will gladly reshoot it for free.

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